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Youth Apprenticeship Program

What is ArtHaus’ YAP all about?

ArtHaus is pleased to offer its Youth Apprenticeship Program, or YAP for short, for the second consecutive year to students aged 13-18 living in Winneshiek, Clayton, Howard, and Allamakee counties who are  creative spirits at heart — the kind of student who may see themselves as an aspiring artist, performer, writer or musician.

YAP provides opportunities to develop the skills and the fortitude needed to live a creatively inspired life and to be a resilient individual. You’ll investigate new ways to express yourself in the safe and supportive environment of ArtHaus with the knowledge of arts professionals at your fingertips. You’ll also explore arts entrepreneurship and youth mentoring through creative projects, guest artists, field trips, community involvement, and as teaching assistants in our many offerings for ages 2-12.

YAP apprentices will currently meet one evening per week, with other opportunities available throughout the program, which runs October through May. Date and time of regular class meetings may adjust based on student academic schedules.

The ArtHaus Youth Apprentice Program was created to foster and support the next generation through art education, entrepreneurial skills, peer mentoring abilities, and pride for their community and the larger world. It is also meant to provide a safe and encouraging environment for youth of like minds to network, support and create along side each other in while having access to professional artists, art materials and an array of arts experiences.

Creative Development

Apprentices will receive quality, hands-on experiences with professional artists through specialized demonstrations and conversations at ArtHaus and by visiting local artists studios. Learning from creative professionals will help students broaden their knowledge of techniques that will help bring their artistic visions to life. YAP apprentices are also invited to enroll in any additional ArtHaus offering for ages 13 – 18 (paying only the materials fees), and will have the opportunity to shadow ArtHaus instructors in adult classes. Field trips to art museums in Minneapolis in partnership with Luther College, are offered once in the Fall and again in the Spring; YAP covers bus fare for any participant to go on the field trip.

Arts Entrepreneurship

YAP apprentices will experience arts entrepreneurship by learning how to display, promote, and sell their own artwork. Visiting artists and ArtHaus staff will share ideas about what it takes to be a working artist, and demonstrate how creativity flows beyond the artworks and into all they do. Two ArtHaus Art Fairs, one in December and one in July, provide first-hand experience in displaying and selling artwork, with a portion of earnings goes back into the ArtHaus Youth Apprentice Program.

Mentoring Opportunities and Community Involvement

Apprentices will have opportunities to work with even younger budding artists and make a positive impact on the community by doing so. Either by being a teaching assistant in ArtHaus classes, or by helping with community arts events hosted by ArtHaus, apprentices have a chance to practice leadership skills, gain confidence in sharing what they know, and make a positive impact on your community. YAP apprentices may also have opportunities to create collaborative art pieces for installation in the community or to raise awareness for a variety of causes.

How do you join YAP?

Interested students or their parents should download the program participation form which asks for basic contact information and a brief statement of intent. This statement should touch on what the potential apprentice’s artistic area of interest are and what they how to gain by being an ArtHaus apprentice. No students will be turned away; we simply want to hear from you to help us get to know you!

The cost to participate in the program is just $200 for the year. This fee provides apprentices will access to all in-stock ArtHaus art materials for group and individual projects. If financial assistance is needed, please inquire.

Program Sponsorship

ArtHaus’ Youth Apprenticeship Program has receives support from the McElroy Trust, the Depot Outlet, and the many Friends of ArtHaus. This support allows us to keep participation costs minimal, charging just $200 for a student to participate in this year long program, or as needed, to waive the fee for students with financial need. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring this program, please contact ArtHaus today.