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Annual Giving

You are so AWESOME!  Thank you for deciding to be a member of ArtHaus in Decorah!  We love your passion for nurturing creativity in yourself and in your community and are so excited to have you as part of our family!

Your membership will help ArtHaus provide quality classes, events, and opportunities for creative exploration.  Thank you!

Included in your membership, you will receive a quarterly course catalog mailed to your door, monthly e-mails with the latest happenings, and your name in print as a supporting member.

Stop in often to take part in Member Only Sales and Discounts in the Makers Market, Gallery and Ceramic Cafe.

Receive 10% off vouchers for discounted classes (in the form of coupon codes to apply to your online cart) and tickets to the Spring Gala and Open Studio Passes.

Membership Levels

$1200/year Visionary / $700 Tax-Deductible • 10% off ALL class bookings • 6 Gala Tickets • 12 month Family Open Studio Pass

$900/year Partner / $600 Tax-Deductible • 3 annual 10% off booking vouchers • 4 Gala Tickets • 12 month Duo Open Studio Pass

$600/year Leader / $350 Tax-Deductible • 2 annual 10% off booking vouchers • 2 Gala Tickets • 12 month Individual Open Studio Pass

$300/year Contributor / $150 Tax-Deductible • 1 annual 10% off voucher • 1 Gala Ticket • 3 month Duo Open Studio Pass

$120/year Friend / $65 Tax-Deductible • 1 annual 10% off booking voucher • 1 Gala Ticket • 1 month Individual Studio Pass